Dewan AL Dahab Jewellery CO. LLC

Dewan Al Dahab Jewellery CO. LLC is classified now as one of the major companies in the field of Bullion trading.

About company

Dewan Al Dahab Jewellery CO. LLC skipped many stages and is classified now as one of the major companies in the field of Bullion trading in UAE. By the praise of Allah and in a short period we managed to achieve success, superiority and maintain them. In 2013 and after the meeting with Mr. Salem Abdullah Al Ammari, we trusted in Allah and incorporated Dewan Al Dahab Jewelry CO.

General Manager Message

We praise and thank Him for our blessings and pray that they continue, Allah willing. My family has specialized in the formulation of silver and gold for a very long time. As a child I grew up around these precious metals and learned everything I could about them. After learning about the business from my father, I struck out on my own. In 1986 I established myself in Souq Al Yamama to work in wholesaler jewellery manufacture and bullion trading.

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For quick contact please contact us via whatsapp +971569955185

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We offer services and products with high quality and the level of making our customers trust in us

Bullion Department

Dewan Aldahab began in the wholesale precious metal trade, and this remains our core business. With many years of experience..

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Dewan Aldahab specialises in the purchase and sale of pure gold and jewellery products. As such, our security and supply chain ,,

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Dealing Department

We have an extremely experienced team working everyday to ensure the trade of precious metals is conducted safely,.

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Accounting Department

The company has a group of accountants and account managers who have CMA certificates and experiences in the management of company.

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Jewellery Department

Along with our bullion services, Dewan Aldahab provides comprehensive and exquisite jewellery ready fordistribution throughout your..

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Business Development

Developing the Company’s products through preparing market studies and putting mechanisms for launching products..

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