General Manager Message

General Manager Message

Praise be to Allah, Lord of all creation.

We praise and thank Him for our blessings and pray that they continue, Allah willing.

My family has specialized in the formulation of silver and gold for a very long time. As a child I grew up around these precious metals and learned everything I could about them.

After learning about the business from my father, I struck out on my own. In 1986 I established myself in Souq Al Yamama to work in wholesaler jewellery manufacture and bullion trading.

I established Dewan Aldahab in 2002, in Souq Al Yamama. It is considered one of the most important gold commercial markets in the Arab Gulf in general and the biggest gold destination in KSA in particular.

By 2010, we had expanded to become one of the major bullion companies in KSA with various products bearing 999.9 and 995 purity.

We saw an increasing number of clients, and the need of the Arab market for integrated services in the field of bullion trading.

So, we put our trust in Allah and opened both wholesale and retail shops inside KSA under the names of Al Safeer Jewellery and Palace Jewellery.

Our 18 and 21 karat jewellery is very carefully crafted in accordance with various international markets in order for Dewan to be a destination for our clients inside KSA. In line with our

company goals of growth and excelle

nce, we expanded to Dubai in 2013 and continue to see close client relationships, increased investment and resource diversification.

The conducive business and regulatory atmosphere made expanding our operations to the UAE simple and extremely beneficial for both ourselves and our clients.

GM Salem Alamary

General Manager Message