Bullion Department

Dewan Aldahab began in the wholesale precious metal trade, and this remains our core business. With many years of experience, we can assure clients of our diligence and integrity. We guarantee the quality of our precious metals and are pleased to provide many associated services.

We provide and facilitate the following:

  • Buy and sell pure gold in 999.9 and 995 purity.
  • Buy and sell pure silver with 999 purity.
  • Customize shapes and weights in accordance with client and global market prices (from 1 gram to larger bars).
  • Provide all available international brands of gold and silver bars in various sizes.
  • Ship to KSA, UAE and globally.
  • Collaborate with LBMA certified refineries internationally.
  • Collaborate with Dubai Good Delivery (DGD) certified refineries locally in UAE.

These services are all provided at competitive prices in accordance with global market indices.