Jewellery Department


Along with our bullion services, Dewan Aldahab provides comprehensive and exquisite jewellery ready fordistribution throughout your networks. We offer both pre made and custom pieces.

  • High end jewellery in Arab and international styles.
  • Modern and classic aesthetics.
  • Exceptionally high standards of metal and stone purity.
  • Meticulously crafted pieces sourced from Kuwait, India, Turkey and Italy.
  • Adaptive designers and jewellers are eager to collaborate with you to design the best pieces.
  • We stay abreast of trends and globally desirable styles.
  • Our Jewellery department provides you with different kind of Jewellers such as (Kuwaiti, Turkish, Singaporean and Indian.)

We cordially invite you to come and view our exhibition pieces so you can appreciate the quality of our design work. Our jewellery is art. Each piece tells a story of the journey of it’s creation. It begins as a feeling in the heart, then becomes an idea, then a vision. Only after this does design and production take place.