Dewan Aldahab specialises in the purchase and sale of pure gold and jewellery products. As such, our security and supply chain assurance is critical to the success of our business. We employ a number of techniques to ensure the security and integrity of our products. Some of the security measures we engage are:

  • Maintain strong international relationships with shipping and customs clearance companies.
  • We partner with LOOMIS International and Brinks Global Services.
  • International standard armoured vehicles are used to transport products from end to end.
  • International shipping and customs processes are handled by professional teams.
  • We coordinate and partner with world renowned airlines such as Etihad Airways, Emirates and Air Arabia and ensure accountability for global movements.
  • We cover shipments cost.

We can arrange to deliver various quantities of precious metals in cooperation with you and our security partners. This can include airport to airport transfers, airport to workplace transfers and transport between our offices and yours.